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Welcome to Seeling Art. I am an artist and art educationalist who specialises in working with children and young adults with learning differences. I am currently based in Malaysia and provide intensive training for young artists diagnosed with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Down's Syndrome. In this site, you will see more about my personal work. Most of my paintings and illustrations are in oil on canvas, watercolours, ink and colour pencils. I love to paint animals and young children to express my thoughts. I have also started illustrating and making picture books for young readers and adults.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Cats and Dogs in Orosei. All the little fury friends I met during my travel this summer. I even visited a private courtyard with lots of rabbits and plenty of fruits to enjoy.

Jack at Casa Soddu Museum
Bloody Red Plum Fresh from the tree
Red Cherry

Me and Jack
Juicy Grapes

Art Appreciation session with Jack

Picking his favourite piece!

A friendly fella I met twice that evening. 

Dog in the farm 

Very friendly welcome

Getting very comfortable with me

Look here!

The Mother rabbit

The Father Rabbit

All the young and curious rabbits

All trying to get attention

Not easy to cuddle!

Me and Charming Jack!

Jack and Me at Casa Soddu Museum...his home



A Siamese Cat in the restaurant

The forever smiley dog Lila
Stop kicking!!!

Rock Star at Osala Beach
Smiley Lila
Siamese Cat at the Bar
The Rock Star at Osala Beach
So juicy and sweet
Me and Molly

Me and Molly

A cat at the Piazza

A Cat at the piazza

Cat waiting for food

street cat 

He just had a beer at the bar

Hendrix at the workshop

Hendrix at the workshop

A dog at the street not stray but just enjoying his walk but not smiling at me when I said "buongiorno"