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Welcome to Seeling Art. I am an artist and art educationalist who specialises in working with children and young adults with learning differences. I am currently based in Malaysia and provide intensive training for young artists diagnosed with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Down's Syndrome. In this site, you will see more about my personal work. Most of my paintings and illustrations are in oil on canvas, watercolours, ink and colour pencils. I love to paint animals and young children to express my thoughts. I have also started illustrating and making picture books for young readers and adults.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Aseop's Fables: "Onyx and Nana" is inspired from the story of The Hare and The Tortoise. Onyx and Nana live in a very comfort zone. Most of the time they are in their own space and hardly like to move around. In this story i decided to have them come together for a race to find the flower i want. I had a great time placing them in human setting rather than have them run in the woods.

Painting Onyx

Painting Onyx

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Onyx on a Skateboard

Onyx with his Roller Skates

Nana with her Dumbbells

Painting Nana

Nana and Onyx

Onyx and Nana

Nana got the Flowers

Painting Nana and Onyx

Nana and Onyx sending the Flowers

I got it! I got it too!
Painting Nana


Nana and her painting

Nana checking her painting

Keep Going

Let's Go

Nap Time!

Aseop's Fables: "Julian and Gin" is Inspired from the story of The Lion and The Mouse. I see Julian as a Mighty Lion with a soft spot for small friend like Gin. The Lonely Lion needs a friend and Gin became his great companion. I did some illustrations of them enjoying their time together.

Painting Julian 
Close Up of Julian

Julian and Gin in the Woods

Julian and Gin having Smarties

Julian and Gin Playing

Painting Process of Julian and Gin

Gin prepared Lunch for Julian

Snap Snap Hold On!

Snap Snap Almost Done

Gin and Julian 

Julian and Gin found some wild flowers in the woods.

Julian and Gin 
Julian Looking For Gin

Illustrations for Aseop's Fables. The Fox and The Stork. This is part of my summer school exercise. I was given a title to work on it before i get there in September. This is my first time attending a summer school course in Italy. Really looking forward for a new learning experience. My work on Aseop's Fables has a little twist of my own. I like to view the fables with my own perspective. This story is not about taking revenge but to make peace at the end by respecting each other's limitation.

Which has the best Aroma?

Are We Able to Enjoy This?

We Make Peace And Have A Wonderful Dinner

Which Is the Right Plate for Mr Fox?

I Bought A Bottle of Wine for Miss Stork
More Fruits for Mr Fox, Please!

We Should Have Moment Like This More Often

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cats and Dogs in Sardinia 2016, Pictures of Cats and Dogs around Gollai, Orosei. I was fascinated with the cats and dogs there. They roamed freely everywhere in town. I guess i was like them when i was walking around looking for cats and dogs. Some friendly ones wouldn't mind for some shots. Most of the dogs in town were friendly. Now i really feel like keeping a cat after looking at all the lovely picture of the cats there.


Jolie the Foxy Dog

Jolie gave a Smile for a shot!

Me and Jolie 

Cats at Mercato

Me and Jolie

She loves to sleep in the middle of the street. 

Fluffy Cat

Molly under the table when i was having my lunch.

The couple who love to bark!



Painting Gin

Painting Gin

Gin in watercolour

A friendly street dog.

See the beautiful landscape of Orosei 

Another Dog at the street

Painting Jack

The beautiful Black Cat

Painting Jack

Jack in watercolour
Lovely Fluffy Cats at Mercato