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Welcome to Seeling Art. I am an artist and art educationalist who specialises in working with children and young adults with learning differences. I am currently based in Malaysia and provide intensive training for young artists diagnosed with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Down's Syndrome. In this site, you will see more about my personal work. Most of my paintings and illustrations are in oil on canvas, watercolours, ink and colour pencils. I love to paint animals and young children to express my thoughts. I have also started illustrating and making picture books for young readers and adults.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

32 Pages Picture Book: Sleep Well - The( illustrator: Seeling & Author: Tore Contu)

This is my first international collaborative work with author Tore Contu. We decided to work on a book together for our plan to visit Bologna Children's Book Fair this year. The book project started in May last year and it took about 3 months to work on the illustrations. All illustrations are hand painted with acrylic colours on textured watercolour paper.

I submitted my illustrations for First Look Critic in Singapore at the Asian Festival of Children's Content in June last year. I reworked on the illustrations after receiving feedbacks to improve on my layouts. I also had the privilege to network with some picture book illustrators abroad and locally to share ideas and suggestions.

In Sleep Well,  Pebbles and her Teddy Bear are best friends who love to share wonderful times together from morning till night. A huggable sweet companion at bedtime providing comfort and sharing beautiful dreams while asleep.

Pebbles became the inspiration of the story "Sleep Well".

Here, you can see some pictures of Pebbles and a few page layouts for Sleep Well.

Happy Pebbles

Posing for her book " Sleep Well"

My Cheerful Pebbles

Posing for her Biography

Pebbles with her Teddy Bear

Her Teddy Bear with other toys

Pebbles with her best friend Teddy Bear

Page Layouts

Page Layouts

Page Layouts

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