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Welcome to Seeling Art. I am an artist and art educationalist who specialises in working with children and young adults with learning differences. I am currently based in Malaysia and provide intensive training for young artists diagnosed with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Down's Syndrome. In this site, you will see more about my personal work. Most of my paintings and illustrations are in oil on canvas, watercolours, ink and colour pencils. I love to paint animals and young children to express my thoughts. I have also started illustrating and making picture books for young readers and adults.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Trip to Paris in 2018 for International Conference on Psychiatric & Geriatrics Nursing and Stroke from Nov 19 to 20 2018. I had a great opportunity to share my work on "Expressive Art as medicine for mental health issues" held at Hilton Hotel Paris. I came a few days earlier to explore the city and did a few sketching at some famous landmarks in the city. Weather was cold and it was snowing in November. This round I really explored the city on my own and it was challenging to move around with Metro in the beginning. Lucky with my mobile I was able to find all the places I wanted to visit during my stay.

Two adorable friend's kids were there to date me that evening to have dinner and sight seeing by car.
My friend Mustapha and his family took me out for dinner and sight seeing. Good to see the beautiful lights in the city at night.

Salvador with Sacre Coeur Paris.

The Interior view inside Sacre Coeur.

Beautiful mosaic images of Jesus Christ inside Sacre Coeur

Evening walk nearby Notre Dame Cathedral

Evening Mass at Notre Dame Cathedral

Evening Mass at Notre Dame Cathedral

Beautiful arches inside the cathedral before the big fire.

Splendid view from the bottom looking up.

Took me 42 years to dream of entering this place. I was only 5 when I was standing outside looking up at this beautiful cathedral. 

Sketching during the evening mass.
A quick sketch before the closing time after  the evening mass.

The Centre Pompidou Museum.

Abstract Art Instalation at The Centre Pomidou Museum

A sketch of Arc de Triomphe at Avenue Charles de Gaulle.

A sketch of Eiffle Tower from Trocadero.

A good viewing platform at Esplanade du Trocadero.

Me and Salvador finally found the Lion of Belfort.

Sketching the Lion of Belfort.

Inside the Notre Dame Cathedral.

So focused.

Participants from South Afirca, Norway and US. It was great to connect with them at the conference.

Torill from Norway and Dr Elia Gourgouris from US.

Me and Torill Landgraff Bratlie (Norway)

Beautiful Lion of Belfort Paris.

The Centre Pompidou Museum.


The places I stopped.

Beautiful Notre Dame Catherdal in the evening.

Mustapha and his two adorable children.

The Lion of Belfort Paris
Aram Cargill (Aus), Torill Landgraff Bratlie (Norway) , Me and Dr Patrick Gwyer (UK)

A friend I met outside Hilton Hotel 

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